Persona 5 PS4 + How to change the voices to Japanese

March 31 I got a text message from the game store with the news that my pre-order had arrived: Persona 5 premium edition!

The premium edition contains a variety of things, including a school bag that is used in the game, a mini Morgana plush, a CD with the soundtracks, and art-book, and of course the game in a steelbook case. This all came with a beautiful box that I will definitely use for storage!

The game itself is in English, since it is the western version, but since April 4th (the official release date of the game) you can download an additional add-on for the Japanese voices. Though the English voice-overs are really good, it is always nice to have an option for Japanese voices as well.

persona 5 (2)

How to use the Japanese voices

In order to use the Japanese voice over, you need to download the package from the PlayStation Store™ and install it. After installing you start up Persona and you will be able to select it in the main menu under config, after that you can start a new game and it will have Japanese voices. For an already existing game file, you can simply go to the loading screen on the title screen, and press the triangle button. This will change English to Japanese, load the game, and you are ready to play!

This is my first game in the Persona series, and already heard many great stories from a friend of mine. I’ve only played a few hours until now, but I can tell this is going to be an amazing experience with lots of emotional investment in the characters!

persona 5

Are you playing Persona 5?


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