Tokyo Treat subscription Box April 2017 – review

I had been seeing a lot of people liking the Facebook page of Tokyo Treat, and I was getting pretty curious about what it was. So I took a look at and saw that they have are a monthly subscription box for Japanese candy! I LOVE Japanese candy, and since they have free worldwide shipping, I was sold. I got the premium box (which is the biggest box of the three that they offer). So here are my thoughts on this Tokyo Treat subscription box!

Tokyo Treat 4

Every month there is a new theme on which the content is based. March’s theme was Sakura & Matcha, and April’s theme is Tokyo Treat’s second anniversary. This one includes all sorts of fan favorites, including drinks, DIY kits, traditional candy, figures and more! There are 3 versions of the Tokyo Treat box: small, medium and big sized. You can get the small one for $14,99 p/m (shipping included!) and cancel the subscription at any time. The regular size goes for $24,99 and the premium one for $34,99.

The first I got was the one from last month, the premium sized march box. It was full of matcha and sakura flavored candy. The box itself did not really survive, it was pretty damaged (even to the point where I though someone might have taken some of the content out of it), but luckily that was not the case. Even though the box was in pretty bad shape, the content was still perfectly fine. Nothing was damaged, broken or missing. (We actually made an unboxing video of that one!)

This month’s box is the first box after Tokyo Treat’s renewal. The box is much flatter and not damaged like the one before. Everything is neatly packed and ordered.

My thoughts? Buy and try it for yourself! If you love candy, surprises and trying new things, then this is definitely something to try at least once. The price is pretty cheap as well, especially since they ship worldwide for free! (Even to the Netherlands!)

Tokyo Treat 1

Also from the same company: Yume Twins (a monthly kawaii box) and NomakeNolife (a Japanese beauty box). 


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