Dinner in Maastricht – Umami restaurant: classy in a modern package

A friend came over for the week and we decided to go out for dinner on the last day. We could’ve gone to Sashimi (an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant), but decided that we wanted something different for a change. So we went to Umami instead!

We went to the one in Maastricht. The restaurant is located near the station, so it was easily accessible. Once we entered through the front door, we were taken by a nice surprise, as the interior is absolutely amazing! It looks so spacious and fancy.

There was a lady who took our coats and brought us to our table. She was such a friendly and bubbly person! We got something to drink (of course I had my usual ice tea) and we got an explanation on how everything worked.


For dinner there are 3 courses and for every course you can order 2 dishes. You can either share these dishes with your friends, or eat them yourself. You get a paper where you can fill in which dishes you want (the way it goes at all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants).

Next we got an appetizer: 3 small pieces of bread with a very delicious bean sauce! (It was so good!)


The service was very fast and very good, and before we knew it we already had our dishes of the first course. And how pretty it all looked!

The first course

For the first course I had a tuna tartare, served with radish, tiny mango pieces, mustard sauce and wasabi mayonnaise. The tuna was so nice and soft that it almost melted on your tongue, and the combination with the sauce and mango was surprisingly good! I also had chuka wakame: a seaweed salad with cucumber, garlic oil and pine nuts). The salad was also very delicious.

Umami10 v2


The second course

For the second course had the cucumber salmon: baked salmon with puffed rice and cucumber sauce, the haricots vert: french beans with black olive, piccalilli and peanut dressing. The salmon was so good! (I wish I could eat this every day!) Again the combination with the mango sauce works surprisingly well. But I must say that I expected there to be a bit less peanut sauce, and since had a very predominant taste it wasn’t really my thing. But overall it was still very good. (They also made very pretty birds of the beetroot and carrots, food-art!)



The third course

For the third course I had the curry lamb (Lamb fillet with green curry and vegetables) and tomato zucchini (zucchini with tofu in a little bit spicy tomato sauce). I looked really forward to the lamb curry, but I ended up not liking at all. The lamb was just way too chewy for me. But luckily the tomato zucchini made up for it and was absolutely terrific!

Umami20 v2


Some other amazing dishes that my friends had, were the he king crab and lemon fish. They were so tasty! So if you can, you should really try these!

There are also several items within each course that are vegetarian, and the restaurant also asks if there are any allergies that they have to know about so they can take that into account. You can check the rest of the menu on their website. Website|Location

Overall it was a really pleasant experience, the service was great and so was the food (except for that lamb, maybe). I would love to come back here and try some of the other dishes!

*Update: My friends and I also went to Umami in Eindhoven, but I don’t really recommend it. After having been to Umami Maastricht my expectations may have been too high, cause it was pretty bad. The menu card was some cheaply printed paper with some English mixed with Dutch, so we had to explain our Italian friend what everything was.. The problem: there were no descriptions whatsoever. I ordered something called Lemon Fish, but only when it arrived they told me what everything was. The food was good though, don’t get me wrong. But the way everything was presented and with half of the menu not even being available for some reason.. It all looked pretty cheap, and it is definitely just for light eaters when you order à la carte. That being said, I really recommend people trying the Umami in Maastricht: it is very stylish, but not too chic where you feel out of place for taking pictures of the food, haha!


Have you been to Umami before? Let me know what your thoughts were!


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