Having dinner in Maastricht – Spending an evening in the city

Last week I went out for dinner to Brasserie Restaurant Monopole in Maastricht with my roommate.

The brasserie is conveniently located at the Vrijthof, next to bistro Jovial and Pinky’s. It has a great view over the Vrijthof and the churches, and the atmosphere is very pleasant.


Next to my standard Ice Tea, I ordered the creamy chicken puff pastry with extra fries and mayonnaise, and my friend ordered the vegetarian tagliatelle.

The vegetarian vegetable tagliatelle

The chicken puff pastry was simple and small, but with a loooot of filling. It would have been great to have second puff pastry. The filling had bite-sized pieces of chicken filet and mushrooms in it. Since I am not a big eater this portion was perfect for me, but for big eaters I would suggest ordering something more filling, or maybe an extra appetizer.

Brasserie Monopole
Creamy chicken puff pastry with fries and mayonnaise.

My friend asked beforehand what kind of vegetables were in the pasta, but the waiter sadly didn’t know. She ended up not liking the pasta. The vegetables were still pretty hard, especially the big pieces of carrot. She said is was: “tasteless” and the pesto cream was not pesto cream. “Maybe it was a Dutch version of the pasta.”

When my friend told the waiter what she thought about the food, he was very nice about it, took our places back to the kitchen and asked the chef about it. He ended up not being able to do anything since the pasta was prepared just the way it always was.

So many different flavors, nomnom!

Afterwards we went to Pinky’s to get some ice cream, since my friend was feeling very sad about spending so much money on something she didn’t even eat.


Apparently this was also the same day that Tom Dumoulin was at the Markt, with Kensington, for the celebration of Tom’s victory in the Giro d’Italia. We searched our way through the mass of people in order to get to the supermarket and went home afterwards. All in all, it was a pretty nice evening!

Tom Dumoulin
Tom Demoulin and Kensington!

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