I got an eyebrow piercing! (+first week healing diary)

Two weeks ago I finally decided to get something I had been dreaming about for years: a piercing! At first I wanted to wait until the summer holiday started, but since I didn’t had to leave the house the week after, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to go get a piercing!

17-06-03-13-03-45-509_decoI told my best friend (who is also my roommate) about my plan and she was really hyped for the idea, explaining me how she really wanted one as well! And so, we went on our little adventure to the piercing shop!

We went to Free Mind Piercing and after filling out some forms at the shop, we decided that the person who was most nervous would go first: which was my friend. She really wanted a tongue piercing and since it is quite a sensitive place, she was really scared. Luckily it all went pretty fast and the piercing was in in no time. For me, I really wanted an eyebrow piercing. So I lay down, let the thing happen, and all was done! Eyebrow piercings don’t hurt that much.

As for the aftercare: I got a little bag of salt that I have to mix with water. I boil the water first and then mix 250 ml of that water (or a soup bowl) with half a teaspoon of salt. Then I take a cotton patch, soak it in there, take it out, let it cool for a bit until its just warm and place it on the piercing. I do this for 5 minutes, then gently rinse the place with some water and dab it dry with a clean towel.

Day one: “It doesn’t hurt whatsoever, and feels just fine. It isn’t too swollen and it wasn’t red, or bloody.”

Day two: “It was the same as day one, just a little bit swollen, but not very noticeable. The piercing did get stuck a few times and hurt my piercing in the process.”

Day three: “I slapped my hand against the piercing, so it started bleeding.. I recommend not doing this. I continue the sea-salt bath and trying to remove some of the excess blood, but leaving the rest. I really don’t want it to open again.”

Day four: “I woke up, did the 5 minutes of soaking in warm sea-salt water and tried removing excess dried blood that formed around the the upper ball (making sure I don’t re-open the wound). It looks way better than it did yesterday!”


Day five: “I did some more cleaning around the area, and it looks quite okay now. It does sometimes sting a bit for no reason. My friends did notice a small yellow bruise om my eyelid, but I couldn’t see it, haha.”

Day six: “It looks pretty good. Almost like it did on day 2. The there’s still some stinging sensation once in a while.”

Day seven: “It’s only been a week now! It feels like it’s been on my face for waaay longer. There are no complications like excessive bleeding, a massive black eye or an infection, so I am very happy and hope that it will stay that way!”

I will keep you guys up to date if anything changes, like migration or rejection.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Do you guys have any piercings yourselves?


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