How I got rid of my acne the natural way – (what you might be doing wrong)

I’ve had blemishes and scars ever since middle school, and I thought that once I became an adult those horrible bumps on my face would go away. But no. I tried many products and methods, intensely cleaning my face with scrubs, using alcohol based cleansers, but nothing seemed to work. Until I read an article that explained a few simple things about one’s lifestyle and it ended up doing wonders for my skin!

Down below I will add some of the things that I have included in my lifestyle of which I think really help me with my skin care. I also added some of my own preferences and methods for my daily face routine. Note: this is what works for me, and may not be for everyone. But nevertheless I hope that some of you out there find this helpful.

Since our skin is very sensitive (some even more then others) it can dry out very easily. I’ve had eczema all my life, so my skin is pretty sensitive to most things and gets dry very easily.


Regularly change bed sheet and pillow case. And then I don’t mean twice a year (looking at the students here). Especially the pillowcase can build up a lot of grease and dirt from your hair and face. This ends up creating bacteria and unwanted oils on your pillow that eventually cover your face with when your sleep.

Wear a sleeved shirt when sleeping. There are a lot of oils, sweat and dirt on your skin that can clog up those pores. I sleep with my arms tucked under my pillow, meaning that I end up touching my arms with my face and neck. So when you wear a clean t-shirt, or something with sleeves, this doesn’t happen.

Tying your hair back when you sleep. This way the oils (and possible hair products) that build up in your hair won’t get stuck to your face, helping your face to stay clean.


Cut down that sugar intake. If you are a heavy soda drinker, try to add more water into your diet. Sugar can be a big cause of cyst on your jawline and in your neck, which are the most annoying and painful ones to get rid off.

Try showering for 10 minutes using a colder temperature. Hot water rips your skin of all the essential oils. Showering with a temperature of about 36 degrees Celsius is way better for your skin as it doesn’t irritate your skin as much. This method can get help with decreasing the blemishes on your shoulders, back and booty. Also try not to shower using a very harsh shower head, but one that is just a bit softer for the skin. Also make sure you don’t get hair conditioner on your back as this will add greasiness and might irritate the skin. This will result in tiny spots around the hips, butt and lower back area.

Cut down your soap usage. Soap rips the skin of all the dirt, including all the oils that the skin needs. I recommend not using too often, or stop using it completely if possible. You can get perfectly clean to when you just wash your body with warm water, so don’t worry.

When you are done showering pat your skin dry.
Do not rub or scrub your towel over your skin, especially the places that are already damaged. You do not want to unnecessary irritate or damage your skin even more. If your skin is already very dry this can also make your skin extremely flaky as the dry skin starts to come off.

Try to wash your face with cold water only. Most skincare products are very extreme, tend to be alcohol based, or use soap and dry out your skin too much. When the skin get ripped of all of its oils, it tries to produce more, resulting in more tallow production. I wash my face in the morning when I wake up, and in the evening when I go to bed. I do this by getting a small towel and wetting it with cold water. Then I gently pat my face and neck with it. Make sure not to rub your skin, as it might lead to irritation.


Use olive oil when removing make-up. Other than some eyeliner and mascara I don’t usually wear a lot of make-up, but olive oil works so well with removing waterproof mascara that I can’t go back! Since it is cheaper than all the expensive toners and I always have it at home for cooking anyway, this is a great option. It is also very soft for the skin, and great for your eyelashes.

Lemon mix for extreme days, to lighten the skin or to remove redness. On days where my acne was coming back slightly, I used a 50/50 mix of water and lemon juice, pat it on my face, let is set for a few minutes and gently washed it off with cold water. This also helped with the redness in my skin from all the scars and old blemishes. Do make sure to keep the skin hydrated by using some light cream.

Moisturize. When I feel my skin is becoming very dry after showering I use the Vaseline spray and body lotion. My skin and eczema don’t react strangely to this product and works great for keeping my skin moisturized and soft. It also absorbs very quickly and doesn’t have an extreme perfume scent, so if you want to do some gaming directly after you don’t have to worry about greasy controllers!


Of course, everyone is different. But I was very happy to have found these little tips, because they have really helped me in clearing and improving my skin condition in general. It is not as dry and flaky as it used to be. My skin will never be perfect, but right now it is in its best state and I love it, scars, eczema and imperfections included. If you have any thoughts on these rituals, or do some of these things yourself already let me know! I would love to hear what works for your guys best, so we can help some people out there.


One thought on “How I got rid of my acne the natural way – (what you might be doing wrong)”

  1. Love these tips! Ik heb zelf ook regelmatig last van acne (denk je er na je puberteit eindelijk vanaf te zijn hè ;p), maar gelukkig pas ik al veel van deze tips toe. Bedankt!


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