Update: What I have been up to (I)

I have been pretty busy with stressing about my school project and busy with my work at my internship. So I wanted to take this opportunity to write about my fun two-day trip with my internship mentor! We went to all kinds of places that I had never been before. Some of the places looked straight out of a fairy tale!

Jan de Groot (1)

Jan de Groot (5)

The first day we went crossing through Brabant with a rental car. We first went to a bakery called Jan de Groot, in ‘s Hertogensbosch, where they sell absolutely AMAZING boscche bollen! For those who don’t know what a Bossche bol is, it is like a huge puff cream dipped in chocolate. We then took a stroll through Den Bosch and after that made our way to the next destination: Oisterwijk.

Jan de Groot (8)

We were looking for the town center, but ended up finding a windmill instead! You can’t have a Dutchier view than this, right? We grabbed something to eat, and went looking for the center again.

Next stop: Trappist beer brewery! I have been to quite some breweries now that I think about it. We began the tour by drinking some beer while watching a documentary about the history. We got a tour with a very friendly and happy tour guide. I do have to say that the guide did not provide much English translations (as his English wasn’t the best) and is best experienced when you understand Dutch in order to get all the jokes sadly.

We ended our day in Breda. There are so many cute cafes everywhere! So we sat down at a random place and had some nacho’s as pre-dinner.


After that, we found this super cute restaurant that had a bar on the first floor and the restaurant on the second. It was the kind of restaurant where you get two different sized forks and knives, and a menu card with has all these fancy sounding dishes, without any kind of description of what it actually was. So, being the potato that I am, I had to put my shame aside and ask my mentor about some of the dishes. I ended up choosing the vegetarian Portebello dish: a big mushroom, with spinach and goat cheese on top, and it was so good! So I definitely recommend you guys checking out this place when you are near! Location

Breda (2)


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