An afternoon in Valkenburg – Lasergaming in the caves and delicious dinner

Last Friday it was my friend’s birthday, and that asks for a party! So all of us went lasergaming (which is already so much fun) in the caves in Valkenburg! (Even better YAY)

I really love Limburg for its not-Dutch-looking scenery and geography. Especially the area around Valkenburg is beautiful! There are caves, hills and lots of greenery, the perfect place for some hiking! But instead of hiking, I will tell you about my experience lasergaming in the caves and about a really nice restaurant where we had dinner.

After arriving at the game centre, we waited about 20 minutes after which an employee picked us up to lead us into the caves. Since the temperature in these caves are fixed, it is always around 15 degrees Celsius in here, and the question ‘What do I wear?’ came up a few times.

What to wear

It is best to wear comfortable sneakers and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty. I recommend wearing a vest that you can easily take off if you find yourself getting hot after running around the caves, looking for your next victim.


We did two different rounds, that each lasted about 20 minutes. You put on upper body armor that tells you your code name (for the scores at the end), who shoots you, how many times you are hit, etc.

After the explanation we went for it: Kids vs. Adults! (We won twice, hehe)


Where to eat in Valkenburg

We wanted to go to for an Italian restaurant, and ended up having dinner at Il Forno We were seated in the door opening, which was perfect. You get all the pro’s of sitting inside, while feeling like you sit outside! Especially since it started raining at the end of the day (you don’t want to be sitting at the edge of the terrace when that time comes).

I had an amazing pizza with super big tomato slices! The cheese on top of it was just perfect ❤ As for the dessert, I went for the Trio Dessert! Which consisted of crème bruleé, tiramisu, chocolate mousse ánd vanilla ice cream (all topped with whipped cream)! Great for people like me, who can’t choose and kind of want to eat everything that is on the menu. It was the best dessert I have had in a loooong time.


All in all, a perfect day! I also made a little present for my friend, since her present has yet to arrive. So I decided to take out my polymer clay and try making something again, since it has been quite some time since I last made something. This is the result:


I definitely recommend checking out Valkenburg if they are in the neighborhood! It is only 15 minutes by train from Maastricht train station and thus a very nice day trip.


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