Dinner in Maastricht – Korean restaurant Dadawan review

There are so many amazing restaurants in Maastricht that I have yet to discover! But one I can cross off my list now is Dadawan, A Korean style restaurant. Since we had to celebrate my friend going to Korea for some months and my other for getting a job in Japan (proud of you guys!), we went to Dadawan!

When we came in around 5pm we were kindly guided to our seats, where we got the menu. The waitress was really kind and patient with us, as we took pretty long choosing what we wanted.

In the end I choose the Dadawan chicken, a ramen bowl with fried chicken pieces, pak soi, and a hard boiled egg. It was served with some small side dishes as kimchi and something that looked like pickled ginger (not too sure what it was, but is was good nonetheless!). It was delicious! Though a bit too much for me, haha.


My friends got the Salmon plate, which is an immensely hot plate with baked salmon, mushrooms and zucchini (be careful not to touch the plate). This dish too, was really nice! My friends finished everything without complaining.


After dinner we of course had to get a dessert as well. And we all went for the lava cake. It was chocolate heaven! So amazingly good! I would come back just for that lava cake! Served with a vanilla sauce and fresh whipped cream.


When we were done eating and talking we paid the check. That was when we saw the enormous queue of people waiting in line to get a seat. So I recommend coming here early (around 5pm should be fine), because around 7pm it gets pretty busy on a Sunday evening!


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