How I got rid of my acne the natural way – (what you might be doing wrong)

I’ve had blemishes and scars ever since middle school, and I thought that once I became an adult those horrible bumps on my face would go away. But no. I tried many products and methods, intensely cleaning my face with scrubs, using alcohol based cleansers, but nothing seemed to work. Until I read an article that explained a few simple things about one’s lifestyle and it ended up doing wonders for my skin!

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Best purchases of may!

May was a great month in sense of ”spending quite some money”, but sometimes it is okay to treat ourselves once, or twice.. or trice, right? I have bought some super cute clothes (since I hadn’t been shopping in SO LONG. I finally have the new Nintendo and bought 4 albums of this AMAZING band!

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What color lipstick you should wear

I’ve only recently been starting to wear lipstick more often. There is one color that I absolutely LOVE, but it can get kind of boring using the same color over and over again. So I tried looking for a new color to fall in love with. This appeared to be more difficult than I imagined.

I’ve tried matte lipstick, lip gloss, even powdered ones, but they all just missed that one thing. So I decided to do some research on how to find the right color that matches best with the rest of your appearance. Because just as with dying your hair, the color need to match your skin tone.

Decide what undertone your skin has

Your skin can have a warm, cool or neutral undertone. If you want to know which tone your skin has, you can check the following things:

  • If your skin easily burns in the sun, it has cooler undertones and if you easily tan you have warm undertones.
  • check the color of the vein on your wrist – blue is mostly cool, and greens veins may mean warmer undertones. If you can’t tell the difference you may have a neutral tone.

Once you’ve decided on your undertone, you can decide on the lipstick: choosing a color complementary to your skin tone – blue toned lipsticks suit best with cool toned faces, while peach and orange are better suited to warmer colors.

cool under tone:          lipstick color with blue/cool tones
Best colors: pink shades, red (dark or bright) and dark purple shades

Warm under tone:      lipstick color with warm tones
Best colors: peach, orange and coral shades

Neutral under tone:   lucky you! You can wear it all
Best colors: beige, brown and terracotta shades

Lipstick color

I ended up buying a dark red color from Maybelline, which I quite like. I am still looking for a good pink shade, however. If any of you have a favorite color for fair skin types, let me know!

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