Having dinner in Maastricht – Spending an evening in the city

Last week I went out for dinner to Brasserie Restaurant Monopole in Maastricht with my roommate.

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Dinner in Maastricht – Umami restaurant: classy in a modern package

A friend came over for the week and we decided to go out for dinner on the last day. We could’ve gone to Sashimi (an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant), but decided that we wanted something different for a change. So we went to Umami instead!

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Tokyo Treat subscription Box April 2017 – review

I had been seeing a lot of people liking the Facebook page of Tokyo Treat, and I was getting pretty curious about what it was. So I took a look at and saw that they have are a monthly subscription box for Japanese candy! I LOVE Japanese candy, and since they have free worldwide shipping, I was sold. I got the premium box (which is the biggest box of the three that they offer). So here are my thoughts on this Tokyo Treat subscription box!

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My top 4 must-read books

Collecting books. It is something I cannot help myself from doing. I see a pretty book, I take it home! Now, I am a slow reader, but I love reading nonetheless, especially during the spring and summer time: taking your books with you as you go to the park. Today I would like to share with you the “BEST BOOKS EVER”! Nah, just my favorites.

  1. Fallen

    By Lauren Kate

    This is actually the first book that got me into reading. I’ve always hated reading since we had to finish our books quickly in elementary school and I was just really, really slow (like really). But halfway through highschool I found myself browsing through some young adult fantasy books and ended up buying Fallen by Lauren Kate. I took it to school with me EVERY single day. This is such a nostalgic book for me, and even though I rarely read the angsty young adult books with vampires and stuff anymore, this one will forever have a special place in my heart.

  2. An awkward love story

    By Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison

    This book is actually the last one I finished reading. I bought it on a whim when visiting the bookstore, and it ended up being one of the best purchases! It is just such a funny book that had me laughing the whole way reading through it! It is so cute and relatable, and I love the fact how it was written. There are two authors, and they each have their own character that they write. Tom Ellen writes the parts of the boy and Lucy Ivison writes parts of the girl her life. There are many, many, many awkard moments, leaving you with a feeling of vicarious shame from time to time!

  3. The madwoman upstairs

    By Catherine Lowell

    On our last day in Paris, my friends and I decided to visit this absolutely amazing bookstore: Shakespeare and company. And even though I was almost through my money, I ended up buying two books (which both received official stamps from the store!). An amazingly illustrated version of the first Sherlock Holmes case and The madwoman upstairs. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a book that fast! I read it the whole bus trip from Paris to Maastricht and the days after, not being able to put it down! It has suspense, mystery, and such an amazing main character that is just so relatable and funny!

  4. A darker shade of magic

    By V.A. Schwab

    Now I have yet to finish this book, but the way it is written and themes are so amazing! It feels like a young adult fantasy book, but with a more mature feel to it. It has magic, suspense, and an absolutely amazing world. Seriously, the way Victoria Schwab built all the different places is just perfect. I also have a few friends that are absolutely smitten with the book, so definitely check this one out if you’re looking for a new series!

I also bought two new books (they are both about memory for some reason). One is an English crime called “Mister Memory” by Marcus Sedgwick, about a man who remembers every little detail of his life and murder mystery. And the other one is a young adult book called “The One memory of Flora Banks” by Emily Barr. It is about a girl who has amnesia and forgets everything, day after day, until.. this one boy comes around! I love cheesy romantic books when they have a little bit of an edge, so I hope this one won’t disappoint!

Do you guys read too? If so, what are your favorite books? And did you already know the one’s I listed here? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

Kattenparadijs Mispoes

Vorige week ben ik met een groepje vrienden langs gegaan bij kattencafé Mispoes in Den Bosch. Omdat ik nooit eerder naar een dierencafé ben geweest (zelfs niet in Japan!), was ik toch wel erg nieuwsgierig. Ik hou super veel van katten, want kijk nou naar die snoezige snuitjes!

Als je binnen wandelt kom je meteen terecht bij de balie, waar er gevraagd wordt of je een afspraak hebt staan. Daarna kregen we een paar regels te horen en konden we onze handen desinfecteren. Eenmaal klaar en we mochten door de volgende deur naar binnen.

Hier werden we meteen al begroet door een kleine kat die veilig op de kast stond te kijken naar alle mensen. In de het eetgedeelte zelf staan verscheidene soorten tafeltjes, voor zowel een grote groep mensen als voor een middagje thee met je beste vriendin.

Voor de katten was er super veel te doen. Zo konden ze slapen in kattenkasteeltjes, kisten die aan de muur waren gehangen, lekker kroelen tussen te kussens op de bank en konden ze ook naar buiten om even te ontsnappen aan alle mensen.


Je kan er uitgebreid lunchen, van warme chocolademelk en thee, tot belegde broodjes en zoetigheid.

Ook hebben ze erg leuke souvenirs, zoals ringen in de vorm van een katje en kartonnen dozen die zijn uitgeknipt tot een kasteel voor je kat.

kattencafe mispoes

Het leukste moment was toen een werknemer ons een laser gaf om met de katten te spelen. Je kon je zo van de één naar de andere kant van de kamer sturen, en sprongen zo de bij de deur omhoog, en af en toe een frontale botsing tussen twee katten die beide het lampje wilden hebben.

Het was een erg gezellige middag en zeker een aanrader voor alle kattenliefhebbers!

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